H A P P Y  S I C I L I A N  W I N T E R  H O L I  D A Y S !
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previewDriverSicily.com offer You a service of licensed english speaking driver in Sicily. The wide choise of our program and services, from daily group shore excursions to private daily trip, from airport shuttle services to private long transfer, from weekly tour in Sicily to ancestor-finding trip, offers You the best way to visit Sicily outside "the routine" of big group tours, in a different way from standard drivers because we are not only english speaking driver but also your  assistant in Sicily, helping You from the pick up at hotel untill the last day of  your trip in Sicily !      
From this Year, thanks to a partnership with one of the best know company in Sicily, is also avaible a Limousine driver Service. Giving to You best and nice licensed car/van and professional drivers. Don't forget also our special value excursions wine&food (Taste Sicily) in Sicily. Every day a different experience in a winery, tasting not only wine but  all landscape, nature, culture & tradition that made this insland something special. Take a look to our excursion, on saturday, to a tipical sicilian farmhouse, where You will try and taste all the colors of our cooking tradition. 

 A different Experience every day ! 
 Yes, because our Services are also Your Experience in Sicily ! 

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea. For many   century main commercial routes of the Mediterranean pass trought   the island. Its triangular shape, which is also in its symbol, the Trinacria-Triskelè, hold three seas (Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas). Three are also the most known valleys that  characterized the ancient spanish maps of Sicily: Val di Noto, Val di Mazzara and Val Demone. But sicily is not only famous for its  beautiful cost and sea. The largest and highest active volcano in Europe, the Etna, is lthe King of sicilian mountains chain, offering a several variety of landscapes. Only 10 % of flat plans offer    a big variety of plantations like citrus and wine yards, that, from many centuries, offer one of the best wine in the world. 


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